Our Work


The Uganda Biodiversity Fund’s (UBF’s) primary work is to mobilize and manage financial resources and give grants on a competitive basis to grantees or recipients; i.e. Government and civil society institutions as well as individuals who directly implement biodiversity conservation actions.  UBF aspires to become a credible source of finances and other support to biodiversity conservation efforts in Uganda. The investment priority sites and landscapes are guided by Uganda’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan as well as Key Biodiversity Areas. On the other hand, the scope of work for funding by UBF include:

  1. Generation and dissemination of knowledge about biodiversity.
  2. Innovations for addressing negative impacts of social and economic development on biodiversity (e.g. biodiversity offsets, human-wildlife conflicts, etc.).
  3. Increasing capacities for managers, land owners and communities to conserve biodiversity and sustainably manage natural resources.
  4. Building ecosystems and livelihoods resilience to climate change.