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Please describe the problem your project is trying to address in terms of biodiversity and its relationship with livelihoods. What is the need, challenge or opportunity? For example, what are the drivers of biodiversity loss that the project will attempt to address? Why are they relevant, for whom? How did you identify these problems? Please cite any evidence you are using to support your assessment of the problem (references can be listed in a separate attached PDF document).
Describe the methods and approach you will use to achieve your intended Outcome and contribute towards your Impact. Provide information on: • How you have reflected on and incorporated evidence and lessons learnt from past and present similar activities and projects in the design of this project. • The specific approach you are using, supported by evidence that it will be effective, and justifying why you expect it will be successful in this context. • Tow you will undertake the work (activities, materials and methods) • What will be the main activities and where will these take place. • How you will manage the work (governance, roles and responsibilities, project management tools, risks etc.).
Please make sure you read the guidance documents before answering this question.
How will the project reach a sustainable point and continue to deliver benefits post-funding? How could post-project scaling of the approach (if proven) be delivered: through new finance or through uptake by stakeholders or other mechanisms? Are there any barriers to scaling and how will these be addressed? How will the required knowledge and skills remain available to sustain the benefits?