WCS organized the inaugural induction retreat for 3 days for the new Board of Trustees from 24th-27th May 2016 to introduce foundational principles of governing the UBF and to bring the Trustees together for the first time. The retreat covered essential aspects of UBF governance including understanding the background of UBF, understanding the Trust Deed, case studies of other Trust Funds in Uganda and across the globe, management of UBF, basic principles of fundraising and investment for CTFs and UBF brand identity and positioning.

An opening Key-Note address was provided by USAID who stressed that USAID is funding the establishment phase of the institution but other development partners are keen to support the CTF once it is registered and operational. USAID emphasized that the Trustees need to build a credible, transparent and accountable institution to ensure contributors trust the institution with funds for biodiversity conservation.

The retreat was facilitated by WCS consultant, Stephen McCormick of Skillful Means Inc, Oregon, US. www.skillfulmeans.org