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Resource Mobilization for Chimpanzee Conservation & Securing Livelihoods of Local Communities in Uganda

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The Chimpanzee Conservation Strategy for Uganda

Chimpanzees are globally endangered. The Government of Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism Wildlife & Antiquities has developed a Chimpanzee Conservation Strategy. The goal of this strategy is to ensure the long-term survival of chimpanzees in Uganda by promoting conservation and management efforts that will sustain their populations, habitats, and the ecosystem services they provide. A campaign to conserve Uganda’s chimpanzee population has been launched and is a collaborative effort involving several agencies including:

  1. Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities (MTWA)
  2. Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE)
  3. National Forestry Authority (NFA)
  4. Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC)
  5. Chimpanzee Trust (CT)
  6. The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI)
  7. Uganda Biodiversity Fund (UBF)
  8. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)
  9. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

The funds raised are prioritized for investment in interventions that aim to restore degraded chimpanzee habitats. These include community-based conservation initiatives for habitat protection and restoration, research and monitoring, conservation education and awareness, and mitigation of Human-Chimpanzee conflicts through supporting livelihood enterprises for affected communities.

Key Contacts

Fund Manager on Behalf of the Chimpanzee Conservation Consortium:

Uganda Biodiversity Trust Fund (UBF)

Address:   Plot 425, Zzimwe Road, Kisugu, Kampala

Phone:  +256 39 3216445