Ekibira Kya Kabaka Campaign

E Kibira Kya Kabaka Initiative (The Buganda Royal Forests Initiative

Call to Action

The partnership between Uganda Biodiversity Trust Fund (UBF) and the Buganda Kingdom was formalized in February 2023 through a Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership is aimed at strengthening the Kingdom’s efforts to conserve its biodiversity and ensure sustainable environmental management.

The Kabaka has been consistent in pushing the agenda for sustainable environmental and natural resource management through the Kabaka’s Forests Initiative and his calls against wetland degradation. UBF associates closely with the Kabaka’s call and is working closely with the Kingdom of Buganda to develop and implement a robust multi-stakeholder program targeted at accelerating the restoration of Buganda’s forests and conserving Buganda’s biodiversity.

We call upon YOU to join us by donating generously to restoration of E Kibira Kya Kabaka, Buganda’s Royal Forests. Through this collaborative effort, we envision attitude change, better environmental stewardship, sustainable natural resource management and a harmonious relationship between people and nature.

Key Activities

The Buganda Kingdom in partnership with UBF has organized a Symposium and Launch of this initiative on 6th October 2023 (Lubiri, Mengo) and 1st September 2023(Kyaggwe, County) respectively. This is open to the public. Please express your interest by contacting UBF and Buganda Kingdom contacts at the end of this document.

This will be followed by a Fundraising Dinner at Sheraton Kampala Hotel on 20th October 2023 at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala. This is by invitation only or through purchase of a card. Cards can be purchased from UBF and Buganda Kingdom contacts at the end of this document.

Buganda’s Natural Heritage

Buganda Kingdom’s rich natural endowment and the selfless spirit of service (Bulungi bwa Nsi), present a unique opportunity that can be harnessed for the conservation and restoration of Buganda Kingdom’s biodiversity.  

It is against this background that the Kingdom, with support from UBF, presents the e Kibira kya Kabaka Initiative, an intervention aimed at accelerating tree growing for forest restoration as a medium and long-term measure to reclaim Buganda’s heritage, and as a mitigative intervention to curb the adverse effects of climate change. The initiative will cover all the 18 counties in the Kingdom.

Strategic Focus

Program Vision:

 A model kingdom in protecting ecosystems and promoting positive response against climate change.

Program Mission:

Accelerating community led efforts for sustainable action for biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation in Buganda Kingdom.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Harnessing the Kingdom’s social-cultural endowment, strength, and opportunities to support conservation through accelerated tree growing and forests restoration.
  • Scaling up partnerships for biodiversity conservation, with public, private and international agencies.
  • Contributing to achievement of Uganda’s Vision 2040, Uganda Green Growth Development, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 17(10)).

Cultural Objective:

  • Conserving and protecting nature as a nucleus of the Kingdom’s cultural identity and heritage.

Ecological Objectives:

  • Scaling up actions for broadening carbon sink base to offset increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the Kingdom.
  • Accelerating community led mitigation efforts towards reducing vulnerability to the effects of climate change.

Economic Objectives:

  • Stimulating investment for attracting new financing opportunities and fiscal incentives in tree growing.
  • Using e Kibira kya Kabaka as a national springboard and model for building a green and climate-resilient economy through cultural institutions in the country.
  • Promoting agroforestry integrated farming practice among the farmers in the Kingdom.

Key Contacts

Technical Contact on Behalf of the Kingdom of Buganda:

Mr. Dan Kitazze, Community Services and Environment Principal Officer.

Ministry of Lands Agriculture Trade, Cooperatives Bulungibwansi and Environment

Bulange Mengo Office N0. L3.19

Phone:  +256 772543944

E-mail: kitazzedan@gmail.com

Fund Manager on Behalf of the Kingdom of Buganda:

Uganda Biodiversity Trust Fund (UBF)

Address:   Plot 425, Zzimwe Road, Kisugu, Kampala

Phone:  +256 39 3216445

E-mail:  info@ugandabiodiversityfund.org