Fighting for Biodiversity in Uganda

The Fight for Biodiversity in Uganda is one that has attracted a great number of people including us and the government of Uganda.

Our major aim is to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the country’s natural resources and protect the vital ecosystem services provided by biodiversity for sustainable development, wealth creation, job creation and improvement of live hoods of communities.

Uganda as a country is exceptionally rich in biodiversity with survey reporting occurrence of over {18,783} species of flora and fauna, some of the species are birds over {2000}, mammals {345}, reptiles {142}, fish {501}, butterflies {1,242}, high plants {4,500} and many others.

Biodiversity is a term that represents the total variety of all life on earth and it’s a very huge subject to sum up. Thousands of different habitats, millions of different species, billions of different individuals and trillions of different characteristics they all have.

One this is for sure the more Biodiversity the more secure all life on earth is including our selves the humans. Only when life is its most variety, vigorous bio-diverse can we hope to strive.

We may not know it but we need the natural forests to keep the climate stable, we need thousands of pollinators, hundreds of soil organisms to keep the food we eat in supply.

We need strange plants to create our medicines swamps to protect the environment. As humans, we should not forget that we get them all free of charge and that because we have lots of them.

At the moment it’s under attack, the last 30 years our activities have reduced the biodiversity tremendously we have snuffed out habitants reduced population of wild animals and even driven whole species extinct.

Threats to Biodiversity Conservation
Some of the major threats to biodiversity in Uganda are increasing human populations who demand land for agriculture, timber, harvesting, mining, oil, and gas, poaching, soil erosion, pollution which all overlook biodiversity.

Overfishing, disease and climate change are all as a result of destroying biodiversity.

Things we can do to protect Biodiversity in Uganda.

Sensitize communities about the sustainable economic development through sound environmental and natural resources management and use.

Conserve, preserve and restore ecosystems and maintain ecological processes and activities in all communities.

Raise awareness on issues concerning the linkages between environment and development.

Above all let everyone know that Biodiversity is key to our survival on this planet.

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