Grant Awards for 2023 to 2025

UBF Announces the following grants awarded for projects in and around Karenga Community Wildlife Area in Karamoja. These are the winners of awards out of the Call for Proposal that was issued in August 2022.

Awardee Project Goal Amount Period
Advocates for Natural Resources Development (ANARDE) To strengthen the capacity of local governments to protect and therefore conserve critical biodiversity in and around Karenga Community Wildlife Area. US$ 82,825.47 July 2023 to

December 2024

Children of the World Foundation (COWF) To contribute to biodiversity conservation and enhancement of community resilience to climate change in Karenga District. US$ 87,183.30 August 2023 to February 2025
Forum For Kalongo Parish Women Association (FOKAPAWA) Improved Community Livelihood and income through protection of Karenga Community Wildlife Area and its surroundings US$ 150,000 March 2023 to March 2025


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