After years of having environmental funds focusing only on specific niches in Uganda, local, national and international stakeholders agreed that a national platform needed to be created to address the gap in conservation financing within the country. The Uganda Biodiversity Trust Fund (UBTF), commonly known by its brand name – Uganda Biodiversity Fund (UBF) was created with a mission to mobilize, manage and channel financial resources for the conservation of Uganda’s biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources nation-wide.

Thus UBTF was born and registered in August 2016 under the Trustees Incorporation Act of 1939, Chapter 165.  UBTF subsequently went into contractual agreement with WCS for program funding support, from USAID, during 2017-2019, that focused on institutional building.

UBF is not an implementing organization; its core business is to mobilize, manage and channel grants and other forms of support to other institutions and individuals that are involved in the implementation of initiatives to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services.