Key Priorities

Financial Resources Mobilization and Management

Given the dynamic changes in the biodiversity conservation environment, UBF will strengthen its funds mobilization capacity, maximize returns on investment as well as enhance effectiveness of availing funds to impact on Biodiversity Conservation.

Building a case for biodiversity and climate change

UBF will contribute to the reduction of biodiversity loss through increasing public and stakeholder appreciation and understanding of the linkage between Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Partnerships and collaboration

UBF will strengthen partnerships and collaborations for improved stakeholder engagement and service delivery. In this respect, UBF will continuously build relations with Government, the Private Sector, Civil Society, Academia, and other CTFs.

Institutional Strengthening

In order for UBF to continuously improve its operational efficiency, efforts will be directed towards institutional capacity strengthening. In this regard, UBF will strengthen its Governance, Systems, Processes and Human Resource capacity.

Financing & Granting Mechanisms

Financing & Granting Mechanisms

Uganda Biodiversity Trust Fund employs several strategies to mobilize and manage financial resources

Protection of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs)

Protection of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs)

The country’s economy is heavily dependent on biodiversity including fisheries, tourism, livestock, and commercial and subsistence use of medicinal plants, among others.