Kyokunda, ED Uganda Biodiversity Fund welcomes Rotarians into the conservation world

The Executive Director of the Uganda Biodiversity Fund Juliet Kyokunda urged the Rotary Mission Green members to join them in the conservation of Uganda’s Biodiversity.

She also expressed her appreciation for their new partnership with the Rotarians in the conservation world.
“We are happy to partner with the Rotary Mission Green members in the conservation world since they will join us in the advocacy work and sensitizing communities about Biodiversity”.

Biodiversity according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is referred to as the variety of all forms of life, from genes to species through the broad scale of the ecosystem.

“I want you to remember that we have only one planet and it’s our responsibility to make sure that we sustain it for future generations. When we are conserving Biodiversity, people are included because it’s a cycle we depend on one another and you all realize that our survival depends on conserving the Biodiversity”. She revealed.

Uganda is famous around the world for its Biodiversity, which is especially enjoyed because so much of it is set in very fine scenery but just like many other countries its biodiversity is being lost because of increased human population and their consequent demand for land for agriculture, settlement, overfishing, diseases, degradation, pollution and many others.

While concluding her speech at the Friends of the environment fundraising breakfast meeting with Rotarians, Kyokunda reminded them all of the importance to conserve Uganda’s remaining protected Biodiversity and find permanent solutions for the destroyed one.

About Uganda Biodiversity fund
We mobilize, manage and channel grants and other forms of support to other institutions and individuals that are involved in the implementation of initiatives to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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