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Moses Ndhaye

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Kfm radio, Moses Ndhaye’s story on the Topic: Enhancing Community Livelihoods and Resilience through Sustainable Land Management, tree planting, and restoration of Bugoma Forest in Hoima District


Forest clearance for agriculture in Uganda’s montane forests is thought to have begun some 2200 years ago with the arrival of Bantu-speaking peoples who had iron-smelting technology.  

These ethnic groups encountered the Batwa (pygmies) people, who traded forest products for food, a scenario that initiated accelerated deforestation.

Deforestation in Uganda has reduced the ecological interactions that support sharing of resources. These include light, temperature, rainfall, wind, humidity, pests, diseases, symbiotes, soil nutrients, organic matter, moisture, and space.  

As a result, areas that were formally under forest cover now hardly support any plant life.  

Efforts are being made to contain the situation by adopting collaborative forest management and enacting laws and regulations that can help guide forest conservation.

Kfm’s Moses Ndhaye paints a picture of the Magnitude of this problem in the following report, focusing on the community around the reclaimed Bugoma forest reserve.