Irene Musekura

Irene Musekura

Human Resource and Administration Officer 

Irene Musekura is a Human Resource Executive with seven years of professional experience in handling employee-related concerns and needs and ensuring the organization is working with a positive attitude.

Over the years, Irene has gained tremendous experience in; recruitments and selections, managing speedy and engaging orientation processes, performance management, meticulously cataloging employee records and structuring organizations for smooth implementation, payroll, compensation, and benefits or trainings, ensuring workplace safety for employees, staff relations and compliance with labor laws and regulations and supporting employee developments.

At the workplace, Irene is key at ensuring seamless adaptation and implementation of Human resource transformation and a change management plan that builds the human talent and sustainable capability of the people in line with the Organization’s strategic plans.

She has worked with various organizations including Aid Africa Organization and Goodman International Limited in  Human Resource and Administration Management.

Irene holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration and management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management