UBTF recognizes the fact that everyone is responsible for and has  a role to play in conserving our biodiversity. We therefore develop partnerships with all key players in the sector and are open to working with everyone who has a heart of conservation. Among those we work with are:

Government Agencies International Agencies The Private Sector  The Civil Society Individuals

Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Institutions (MDAIs) – have overall mandate for biodiversity conservation. UBF compliments government efforts by providing sustainable financing for biodiversity conservation and related activities both in and outside Protected Areas.

International Agencies – provide financing either for endowment capital / investment or project grants.

The Private Sector – some businesses depend heavily on sustained supply of ecosystem goods and services and many business operations do have negative impacts on the environment and subsequently on biodiversity. Thus businesses do have an obligation towards biodiversity conservation and some of them have addressed this through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

The Civil Society – is mainly involved in direct implementation of projects aimed at biodiversity conservation or restoration of degraded areas and involvement of communities in conservation and development of improved livelihood options.

Individuals – interested in different aspects of biodiversity conservation including research.

Our Partners