Biodiversity Conservation & Climate resilience around Bugoma Central Forest Reserve

Project details

  • The Environmental Conservation Trust Of Uganda (ECOTRUST)
  • Bugoma Central Forest Reserve, Kyangwali, Kabwoya, Kaseta & Kiziranfumbi
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation
  • August 31st, 2019

Project Goal

Support biodiversity conservation & climate change adaptation / mitigation, through private – sector led incentives for restoration of degraded habitats /corridors among smallholder farmers.


  • Restoration of degraded sites in areas under Collaborative Forest Management (CFM) in Bugoma CFR
  • Climate change resilience and adaptive capacities of rural smallholder farming households enhanced through the integration of forestry as a livelihood strategy
  • Effective social institutions that will contribute to social cohesion and gender equity in addressing climate change

Problem statement.

The project area is characterized by tropical high forests with several reserves and isolated pockets of forests on private land. These are mainly riverine, tropical high and medium altitude, moist semideciduous rain forest. The project contributes to biodiversity conservation and climate resilience by mobilizing smallholder farmers to work towards protecting, restoring and improving natural and productive ecosystems on which they depend for their basic needs of water, shelter, food, fuelwood. The project also enables scaling up of the initiatives under Trees for Global Benefits(TGB) through development of a mobile App that enables farmer recruitment and monitoring. The App is linked to delivery of payments through a variety of options (Mobile money, Savings & Cooperative Societies, rural banks etc.). In addition, the project supports renegotiation of Collaborative Forest Management (CFM) agreements to clarify that the carbon rights belong to the community. This enables the program to restore degraded areas within the Central Forest Reserve (CFR).