Green Clubs Energy Efficiency Project (GCEEP)

Project details

  • Raising Gabdho Foundation (RGF)
  • Bugoma Central Forest Reserve
  • April 12th, 2019 to August 31st, 2019

Project Goal

To promote Climate Change Mitigation Measures in Kagoma zone around Bugoma Central Forest Reserve.


  • To raise community awareness on deforestation and the use of improved energy technologies
  • To promote improved energy technologies among the local community

Problem statement.

The policy and legislative framework for environmental protection and natural resource management is well developed, together with capable institutions and a range of civil society organizations. External financing mobilized through international development assistance has played a key role in achieving institutional development, capacity building and progress achieved with field level interventions. However, the longer term prospects for sustainable financing of programs are not yet clear and progress could be undermined when critical project funding ends.

This implies that there’s need to develop interventions that are self-sustaining, especially at community level. For instance, improved cook stoves locally made using local materials, that will save on the amount of fuel wood / fuel used for cooking. Additional saving comes from communities adopting energy saving technologies.

Alternative fuels have been introduced in refugee and host communities, and have registered less than anticipated adoption, according to development partners. RGF intends to introduce the same, but incorporating a new angle, a market based approach from the start. This means that whether the groups chose to produce the briquettes for their own consumption, they need to be able to compute the cost of using the briquettes as compared to using alternatives and consideration should be made for all related costs, like time spent walking to fetch firewood and that spent attending to the food when cooked on the three stone stove.