Positioning Communities at the Centre of Budongo’s Biodiversity Promotion (PCCBBP)

Project details

  • Mid-Western Region Centre For Democracy AND HUMAN RIGHTS (MICOD)
  • Budongo, Biiso and Kihungya Sub counties
  • Biodiversity Conservation – enhancing resilience amidst HWC
  • August 31st, 2019

Project Goal

Contribute to sustainable biodiversity conservation for socio economic transformation of the communities adjacent to Budongo Forest Reserve.


  • To promote environmental and biodiversity conservation around Budongo forest reserve by November 2019.
  • To support the communities with alternative livelihood options for social economic and sustainable
    environmental conservation by November 2019

Problem statement.

Budongo forest reserve is prone and most affected by human activities including deforestation, firewood collection, timber cutting, clearing the forest for farming and bush burning fires. There is limited appreciation of the value for the forest present to the well-being of communities by most women, youth and general public in both Masindi and Buliisa. In addition, there are currently limited socio – economic livelihood initiatives aimed at empowering communities living around the Budongo forest to sustainably manage and live along this resource. The absence of alternative sources of income has led to increased community encroachment on these resources through harvesting forest wood, firewood for sale, hunting, timber, and clearing of forest areas to create settlement and farmlands. These illegal human activities have led to encroachment on Budongo forest and distraction of biodiversity as well as contribute to climate change.

This project therefore seeks to generate harmonious sustainable conversation through dialogue between communities and duty bearers in Budongo forest protected areas and game reserve. It will build community acceptance, shape community attitudes towards biodiversity, position communities for alternative livelihood sources and provide an empowered and responsible actors able to preserve nature and appreciate biodiversity of the area. This will set a campaign that makes all stakeholders appreciate sustainable mechanisms for preserving the forest, the need to embrace conservation while positioning the communities to sustainably meet their livelihood and energy needs.