Promoting Coexistence between Humans and Plant Diversity in and around Kibale forest in Kamwenge District.

Project details

  • African Volunteer Association (AVA)
  • Businge Village, Businge Parish, Kamwenge Subcounty, Kamwenge District; Kibale Forest
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation, Enhancing resilience amidst Human Wild Life Conflict, Restoring degraded chimp habitat, Climate Change adaptation and resilience.
  • February 14th, 2019 to August 31st, 2019

Project Goal

Conserve plant diversity and promote its co-existence with local communities for wellbeing


  • To create institutions and frameworks to facilitate the sharing of material and personal resources among its members so that they can participate in the eradication of all that dehumanizes human beings, especially in Africa;
  • To facilitate the pursuit of research in different areas to promote sharing, solidarity and the improvement of the material welfare of the members and their communities;
  • To participate, at local, national and other levels, in efforts of promoting social and environmental justice.

Problem statement.

Biodiversity in general refers to life in its different forms, humans, plants, animals, and microorganisms, exist in a diversified manner. It’s known that when this diversity of existence is changed, the whole of life systems are affected.

The AVA project therefore promotes plant biodiversity by identifying existing plant biodiversity, finding threatened and extinct species in the chosen areas, and providing means and facilities for promoting plant biodiversity which includes, Conserving and preserving what is existing, preserving and propagating what is threatened and restoring where it is possible, what has gone extinct Conserve plant diversity and promote its co-existence with local communities for wellbeing.