Promoting Co-existence between Humans and Plant Diversity

In the serene catchment of Kibale forest reserve in Kamwenge District a battle between Humans and Plants has been taking place for decades. Interactions like these with humans competing with wildlife for food and resources have led to extinction and reduction of numerous species resulting, uncountable human deaths, and national economic losses.

With this stark reality, African Volunteers Association (AVA) designed a project to promote coexistence between humans and plant diversity in and around the Kibale Forest Reserve. With a grant from Uganda Biodiversity Fund (UBF), AVA identified and created a database of almost three hundred lost wild & domesticated plant species. Using the database, a nursery of one hundred plants with over thirty thousand seedlings was set up.

The nursery was used to establish a 2-acre Ethno-botanical garden with over forty spp plants was established within the forest catchment area.

To create community ownership for sustainability the community a co-existence community conservation model was developed. The model emphasized the importance and benefits of fostering peaceful coexistence between humans and plant diversity.

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