Financing & Granting Mechanisms

Financing & Granting Mechanisms

Funds Mobilization mechanisms

Uganda Biodiversity Trust Fund employs several strategies to mobilize and manage financial resources:

 Endowment Funds

UBTF is currently in the process of establishing an endowment fund through seeking capital from donors including the private sector, development partners and individuals.  This will be invested to provide a stable and sustainable source of funding for biodiversity conservation programs. This fund will be built up, not only from big donations but also from small individual donations that can be contributed monthly or annually.

 Sinking Funds

UBTF also mobilises and manages funds that are targeted at specific conservation and sustainable development projects or programs..

UBTF provides management and oversight of project funds provided by different categories of donors. The organisation offers services to manage Corporate Social Responsibility Funds (CSR) on behalf of private sector agencies. For more information on how UBTF can assist you to better manage your CSR programs, kindly contact the Executive Director. Send directly to

Offset Funds Management

The UBTF provides effective management and programming of funds to support company commitments to conservation. UBF can work with companies to create management and reporting systems required, and to manage the resources provided to offset impacts.

Management and Granting Mechanism

On securing financial resources from donors , UBTF manages them and provides sustainable financing for priority biodiversity conservation issues. It should be noted that UBTF is not an implementing organization; rather, it provides grants to other institutions and individuals that are involved in implementation of projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and ecosystems services.

UBF utilizes the Grants Manual for soliciting, reviewing, awarding and managing awarded project grants.