Tag: Biodiversity

Promoting Co-existence between Humans and Plant Diversity

In the serene catchment of Kibale forest reserve in Kamwenge District a battle between Humans and Plants has been taking place for decades. Interactions like these with humans competing with wildlife for food and resources have led to extinction and reduction of numerous species resulting, uncountable human deaths, and national economic losses. With this stark reality, African Volunteers Association (AVA)…

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Biodiversity Conservation the Future of Our Food

As we commemorate World Bee Day its pertinent to note that the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic government lockdown has given us the much-needed respite to Wildlife especially in Urban and peri-urban areas. At this time of the year, the wild bee is visiting the bright colored flowers. Bees are critical in the production of what we eat. Pollination is one of…

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Covid-19, Locusts and Heavy Rains. Earth Day demands Action for Biodiversity Conservation

On Wednesday 22nd April the world will commemorate the Earth Day while facing one of the biggest challenges of our time. It all started with the unexpected heavy rains. As we were still getting accustomed to this then came the locusts threatening to eat all our crops and unleash famine. Slow forward and we now have a Covid-19 disease outbreak…

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