Dr Helga Rainer is the current Chairperson of the Board. Dr Rainer was the Director of the Conservation Program for the Arcus Foundation for thirteen years, with a particular focus on the Great Apes Program. Prior to her work with the foundation, she worked on various conservation projects around the world, including the African Wildlife Foundation and the International Gorilla Conservation Programme in Uganda.

Woven throughout her professional history, her work as a consultant, researcher and organizer for environmental and development projects worldwide has made her an expert in developing policy, strategies, and programs. Dr Rainer has efficaciously acted as an expert liaison between a variety of different stakeholders, including conservation leaders, policy makers, researchers, governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, and international donors.

She earned her Ph.D. in Geography and Environment from the London School of Economics and Political Science after earning her M.Sc. in Environmental Science, Policy and Planning from the University of Bath and her B.Sc. in Genetics at University College London.