There is No Place Like (Our Planet) Home!

There are more trees on earth than there are stars in the sky. Three trillion trees! That is a staggering number of trees on earth! Trees and forest are sacred, if you think they are not, try and hold your breath for a minute. Standing beneath the trees in a forest enlightens a moral energy and provides a magical feeling, as one feels the wood moving and birds singing. Capturing the sounds and sense. What is it that makes forest sacred for science, human culture, and development?

Forests all over the world, are home to wildlife ranging from the endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, to forest elephants to great blue turaco, among many other species, and it is time to understand that wild animals belong to their wild places, forests inclusive. Protecting the forest and wildlife actually means protecting ourselves as well; wild animals with a home will not venture into our safe spaces, and the balanced of nature will be maintained.

Forests and their relationship to community livelihoods calls for attention to the importance of forests, forest species and ecosystems services that sustain humankind and human wellbeing. By conserving forests that are home to wildlife, human civilizations over the years have come to appreciate the services and products that forest provide, including the healing purpose of certain trees, which is the forefront of modern science, plus the food we cultivate from farms that the ever-present rain which is facilitated from transpiration by forests.

We join the world to celebrate World Wildlife Day focusing on Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet. The relationship between forests and livelihoods is something that cannot be ignored, and so we must appreciate especially how forests sustain human wellbeing and the earth’s climate.

This past year the Covid-19 pandemic has created so many ‘new normals’, so what is one more to add to our list? Let us normalize biodiversity conservation so it becomes our lifestyle like any other trend we adopt and make this planet a home to be proud of!