What can I do to engage in Biodiversity and climate conservation despite the current Covid-19 lockdown?

As we count down to Earth Day on Wednesday 22nd April 2020, Uganda Biodiversity Fund is calling upon you to engage in the activity (s) that contribute to Climate and Biodiversity conservation.

Despite the current Covid-19 lockdown that calls upon us to stay at home so as to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading the disease we should not forget climate change and the threat to biodiversity that our country faces today. These changes are characterized by changing and extreme weather patterns such as heavy rains resulting in flooding and mudslides, destruction of crops, infrastructure such as roads and property, migration of the destructive locusts, threatened animal and plant species among others.

We should thus consider actions that can be taken at home or online.

Here are some of the things you can do

  • Strive to reuse, and recycle everyday use materials where possible
  • Cut down on wastage of what you use regularly such as food, fuel, electricity …….
  •  Volunteer for community good. For example, engage online mobilization to clean up your
  • Learn/read about sustainable resources and renewable energy options such as brackets, bio
    gas, habitat conservation among others
  • Tell others about climate change and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Plant a tree(s).
  • Donate to a climate and biodiversity conservation cause

The effects of climate change and affect us all no matter where we are in Uganda and the world at large just like Covd-19 has demonstrated to us all.

Each challenge will be posted daily on UBF’s social media channels (@ugandabiodiversityfund). Participants can get involved by following the channels and adding their actions with the hashtags #EarthDay2020

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